An image of tarmac with construction tape depicting "under construction: exciting new changes to K+ for 2025"

K+ is changing in 2025, and so is the application window

We’ll update the website with details of the exciting new changes once they have been finalised. Please note, the usual application window will now be later, starting in December 2024. For now, feel free to explore the site and learn about how K+ currently works.

The K+ Team

Preparing students to get into the UK’s best universities.

(King’s College London included of course!)

K Plus Kings College London.

About K+

What is K+?

K+ is a two-year widening participation programme run by King’s College London. It is designed for year 12 and 13 students in London and some parts of Essex who have the potential to go to the best universities in the country but need support to get there.

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Arts & Humanities
Business & Economics
Life Sciences &
Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences
Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience
Social Science & Public Policy

What happens on K+

We provide support and opportunities for students in different ways throughout the programme, click below for what this looks like

Do you think K+ could be for you? Then apply! Applications are open now, and the eligibility criteria is below.

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