Maths & Computer Science

King’s College London is one of the world leading universities for Mathematics and Computer Science . Within this stream students investigate how both mathematics and computer science shape the world around us. Students participate in university-style learning with subject experts and undertake in-depth academic projects covering pressing issues for the field, such as black holes and Human-Computer Interaction.

This stream offers valuable experience to draw on for university applications and access to wider employability skills. Our most recent Maths and Computer Science group attended a careers day with QuantumBlack, a leading firm which utilises data and technology to improve the performance of client organisations. The students got to speak to the CEO of the organisation, learn about career paths from a staff panel and take their skills to the next level in a coding workshop.

This stream is ideal for students interested in studying Maths, Physics, Informatics, Computer Science, Robotics, Financial Maths, Computer Programming and Statistics.

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