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We created the K+ Pride Power and Aspire Networks in an effort to promote and celebrate diversity in the King’s community. Aspire and Pride Power are for K+ students from Black African, Black Caribbean and mixed Black backgrounds, and LGBTQ+ students and allies respectively. The networks celebrate participants’ identities, creating a safe space for them to foster a sense of belonging and build self-confidence.

About Aspire

Aspire presents a dynamic 2-day experience tailored for black K+ students, exploring the realities of studying at a Russell Group University through current black student experiences. Engage in ACS panels, discussions on university navigation, self-advocacy, goal-setting, and uncovering the hidden curriculum.  Through a number of informative sessions, Aspire primes you for success by helping you gain invaluable insights and readiness for the academic journey ahead.

About Pride Power

Pride Power is a 2-day programme in February half-term for students who are LGBTQ+ or are allies. The programme explores LGBTQ+ identities at university, helping students to gain an understanding of the student experience and the confidence to be authentically themselves. The main goal of Pride Power is to create a space where students feel they belong, so no matter what challenges they face, they have a community who will support them.


(1) What are the joining requirements? 

For Aspire, you must be from a Black African, Black Caribbean or Mixed background to join. 
For Pride Power, you can join if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, are questioning your identity, or are an ally/supporter of the community. 

(2) Do I need additional permission to join? 
Both programmes are completely free of charge, and come under the umbrella of “K+ events” that parents and carers will give their consent for students to join. 

(3) When will they take place?
Both programmes will run for two days during the week commencing 12th February which is a half-term for the majority of boroughs. 

(4) I’m nervous to join because I don’t know anybody. What should I do? 
Remember, you will all be in the same boat! Each subject stream will meet one another in January, but will not meet the full K+ cohort. We purposefully wanted to put the Network Group programmes at the very start of the programmme so there won’t be any existing cliques or very many friendships, so everyone can feel welcome to join. This will be the same for every student who joins. We will also have current King’s students whose job it is to make sure you’re comfortable and included throughout. 

(5) For Pride Power, I think I may want to join, but I don’t know if I am LGBTQ+ or not, I’m still working it out and I’m not open about it. Should I attend? 
Absolutely! Allies are also welcome on to the programme, so you will not be expected to be fully sure of anything, or have to explain it to anyone. Last year, around 90% of the people who attended Pride Power were not “out”, so it’s not unusual. 

(6) I identify as LGBTQ+ and I’m a Black student. Can I attend both programmes? 
Yes, absolutely! 

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