Kings is one of the top 5 universities for studying law in the UK, with Dickson Poon School of Law recognised as a world-leading law school. Students in this stream will gain an in-depth understanding of what it means to study law at a top university and how to successfully apply to the competitive course.

Students in our law stream will have university-style lectures on the different types of law such as Human Rights, Employment and Land. Joining this stream will also provide a valuable opportunity to learn about a wide variety of practice areas that students do not usually study at school, allowing you to find out if applying for law at university is the right choice.

As well as our academics, we have links to world-class law firms based in London. Networking for law starts early, and the careers events delivered on this stream help introduce and prepare our students for this. We have partnerships with international law firms that you will have the chance to visit and work with. We also provide tailored support for the LNAT exam to help you succeed in applying to top law schools.

This subject stream is ideal for students interested in Law.

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Grade & Subject Requirements: Law Stream

There are no specific subject or preferred subject requirements for the Law stream.

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