K+ Essex Student Experience

K+ Essex Student Experience

In 2019, seven students from Thurrock joined us on the programme – our first cohort from Essex! In 2020 we are excited to be expanding K+ into five areas of south Essex (Basildon, Castle Point, Rochford, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock) so that more students from outside Greater London can join us on the programme.

Here is what some of our 2019 K+ students from Essex had to say about their experience so far:

“At first I was nervous because I’m not a very confident person but I have had so many great opportunities. I never thought I would go to the Royal Courts of Justice but we did and it’s been so good. K+ has given me independence because obviously we’re travelling to London and going to all these different places and getting an insight into what that career would be like. We’ve spoken to solicitors and that was really interesting as we got to ask them questions and see if that job would be for us. I wasn’t very sure about university at first because I didn’t know enough about it, but now I’m definitely considering university and have more of an idea, K+ has definitely helped.”

Emily, 2019 K+ student from Essex

“K+ is the kind of experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It gives you that headstart to decide if your subject choice is actually what you want to do. I knew I wanted to go to university but K+ has narrowed my idea even more. I’m fully set on going to university now. My highlight so far has been going to the Royal Institution where we did a massive experiment. I find the lecturers speak to you on a personal level and you can see they are really passionate about their subject, and that is really inspirational. As big as a goal as it is, I’m going to apply to Oxford. The programme has made me believe in myself and that I could potentially get there.”

Emma, 2019 K+ student from Essex

“K+ has been a better experience than I ever thought it would be. Being the first cohort from our school we didn’t know what to expect. Having the team there and knowing especially who we were and being able to help us if we didn’t know what was going on has been really good. Definitely a lot of friends have been made. I was unsure about whether university was the right place for me and whether I would enjoy it. At K+ we’ve been put in touch with so many people at King’s and speaking to them, as well as professionals about their time at university, has made me think about university in another light and I am definitely considering going. Thank you for letting people out of the London area be part of the programme. I think a lot of other people in Essex will be able to gain help and knowledge from K+.”

Megan, 2019 K+ student from Essex

Join us, Essex!

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