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Team 1, stop 2 – Kasmira Kincaid

In 2020 Kasmira Kincaid became the first care leaver ever to graduate from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, achieving a 2:1 in BA English Literature.

Kasmira grew up in Andalusia, Spain, before she moved to the UK aged 15. Within a year she found herself living in homeless shelters before entering foster care. She attended nine different schools, missing two whole years from 13 to 15, during which she taught herself. With support from her teachers, she gained 4 A*s in her A-Levels.

Corpus Christi senior tutor, Dr Marina Frasca-Spada, described Kasmira as a “formidably clever and resilient young woman”. “She is both scholarly and very creative, so, while studying for her degree, she has also published a number of short stories, contributed pieces to the national press, and written a novel.”

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